The choice of the theme is not accidental. Digital technologies have already transformed our lives, how we work, learn, interact, connect, communicate, and transact with products, services and environment around us. Digital India is the flagship project of the existing governance is investing lots of efforts and resources to push for digital technologies for delivering government services for the people.

Policy makers and Bureaucrats and government agencies are busy creating a vision of Digital India and industry is excitingly collaborating with them to add to that vision. This is all good, it will be important to ask, Digital India is for whom? Of course, for the citizens of India! If the beneficiaries are the citizens of India, are they being part of the vision of Digital India along with other stakeholders like policy makers, bureaucrats and industry? Is the vision centered around the citizens?

Accordingly the conference will discuss, debate and draw the following:


  • What imaginations of digital India, citizens of India have?
  • What are their needs and expectations from it?
  • How citizens can be engaged to co-create the vision of Digital India?
  • How digital technologies can be re-imagined to serve beyond existing services?
  • What contribution design can make to re-imagine the Digital India to address the social challenges being faced by India?
  • How design can enable the digital technology to create a Digital India that is citizen centered?