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Delhi Design Festival (DDF) is LIVELY, RICH and a DEMOCRATIC platform to celebrate, share, exchange, experience, learn, inspire, make new connections, build new collaborations, facilitate dialog between design professionals, people, policy maker, civic agencies, governments and industry. It’s also a celebration of Design & Design Thinking and serves as a showcase of Indian Design to India as well as the world.


DDF Mission and Vision

The mission of Delhi Design Festival (DDF) is to create a meeting point between the various domains of design and offer a platform for Indian and International design/creative minds and leaders to meet, exchange knowledge, ideas and experience. It offers the citizens a forum to participate in developing and discussing their cities and its culture. DDF also serve as a bridge not only between design professionals, citizens, civic agencies, government and industry but also serve as a bridge between design and other professions including technology and business and social sciences, to leverage the value of design for larger social, economic and business impact.

The vision of DDF is to establish Indian design and culture on the global creative map, to attract international business and collaborations for design and other creative industry of India as the “Design Capital of the World” in few years from now.

DDF is targeting professionals across the design disciplines, communication & advertising, branding, media, architects, design institution, design academicians, engineers, planners, artists, performers, technology & business leaders, policy makers, civic agencies & NGO’s representatives, students of design, fashion, architecture, crafts , arts, media, and business etc. DDF will be providing simultaneous dynamic conferences, educational programs and entertainment for both guests and participants to get inspired, enjoy and achieve professional connections and promoting global and Indian most innovative ideas and creative solutions of any kind.



Why calling it Delhi Design Festival?

DELHI not just represents a “geographical location” but represent the whole nation that is INDIA as its CAPITAL to the world. Delhi Design Festival is also not a festival of any specific geographical location but the festival and celebration of Indian Design & Innovation. DDF events shall not necessarily be limited to Delhi and NCR locations. DDF makes a OPEN CALL to the design professionals, creative minds, institution, organizations irrespective of their geographical locations to send proposals for events which they would like to organize in their locations and DDF will try to support few such events and will publish and promote those events under the DDF event calendar and website.

About USID Foundation

Universal, Sustainable Inclusive Design for social change

USID Foundation (Universal, Sustainable, Inclusive Design for social change) is a non for profit forum to evangalise design as a tool for making social change and social impact. It is a forum to evangalise the power of design in improving the quality of life and overall socio-economic development of all the people irrespective of their socio-economic, literacy and geographical condition and especially those who have been left out

Even though USID foundation was initiated as a community with focus to serve students, researchers, professionals and others in the academia and industry who has a keen interest in the field of Human-Computer Interaction (HCI) and User Experience Research & Design, later in 2009 it expended its focus on DESIGN and DESIGN THINKING and redefined itself as Universal, Sustainable, Inclusive Design with a aim to bring social change and enable social impact. USID Foundation is working towards How DESIGN and DESIGN THINKING can help in empower and transform the people, businesses, governance, for overall socio-economic development of India.

Since its beginning, USID Foundation has successfully organized many events and USID Foundation takes pride in initiating India’s first 3 days Conference in Design Thinking and User Expereince Domain when there were not a single quality event on design was happening in India. We ccontinued that tradition by initiating India’s first “DESIGN THINKING GURUKUL” in 2010, bringing together university level students from the descipline of design, technology, management and social science to go through a collaborative and immersive learning experience and work on some of the wiked problems society is facing in in the area of eduction, helthcare, environment, security & safety, poverty, digital divide, water & energy, crafts, old age and people with disabilities. Later extended this initiative to the school students by initiating “GURUKUL IN SCHOOL” programme, introducing Design Thinking and “PROBLEM SOLVING APPROACH” to the school children.

DESIGN COMPETITION/CHLLENGE for design students and professionals is another activity which USID Foundation is organisaing with the aim to encourage the design and technology professionals to work on solution for the vrious critical and relevant problems being faced by our society as well as recogning their talent. Other initiatives includes UX DESIGN AWARDS, Ecosystem Exploration of Rural India to understand the rural ecosystem and identifying the touch points, where design and technology can intervene to alleviate the quality of life of rural India), skill development and training focusing on IT & DIGITAL LITERACY, SKILL DEVELOPMENT for the people coming from low income and low literacy population therebu enabling their SOCIAL, ECONOMIC AND DIGITAL EMPOWERMENT.




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